Sports injuries happen in an instant. Knowing how to treat them should happen just as fast. Use the HURT! app for fast, free access to urgent orthopedic care. 

Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic’s partnership with the HURT! App provides access to orthopedic care at the sign of acute orthopedic injury. Whether you need to rest ice and elevate, head to orthopedic urgent care, or schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists, HURT! App is helping you get the right care at the right time.

  • Free Orthopedic advice: Using the HURT! app is completely free, so you can get expert advice without worrying about any additional costs.


  • Convenient: You can access the HURT! app from your smartphone, so you can get advice on-the-go and from anywhere.


  • Better decision-making: The HURT! app can help you make better decisions about your injury and treatment options. By speaking with a HURT! Navigator, you can get more personalized advice that takes into account your unique situation.


  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you have access to a HURT! Navigator and can get advice quickly can give you peace of mind during a stressful time.


  • No referral needed: You don’t need a referral to use the HURT! app, so you can get advice and without any additional steps or delays. 
Download the HURT! mobile app in partnership with Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic for free, fast expert advice on acute orthopedic injuries, plus bone and joint care.

How it Works

When you use the HURT! App, you are messaging HURT!’s team of navigators. They will collect details regarding your injury and provide guidance regarding the next best step for you. From that information, HURT! navigators create a case with Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic. If visiting an orthopedic urgent care is not the answer for you, you’ll receive communication from Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic on scheduling an in-office visit with one of our specialists.

Don’t wait for an injury to happen

HURT! Is the mobile app you want to have before you need it. Download it from the App Store or Google Play today.