Who We Are

For more than eighty years, the physicians of The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic have practiced pioneering techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic conditions. Today, our physicians provide leadership in minimally invasive surgery, joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, as well as, complete upper extremity and spine care.

The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic offers treatment as part of a continuum of care. Education, prevention, and rehabilitation are combined in a personalized program that maximizes each patient’s potential for a full recovery and a return to function. Through an extended program of follow-up, doctors fulfill their commitment to assuring the best possible outcomes.

Our Care Team

Details from our Past

The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic was founded in 1938 and represents a long-standing tradition of excellence in orthopedic care. Our founding partner, Dr. Otto Anderson Engh, was a polio specialist and knew that he wanted to build the first clinic to fill the void in specialized treatment for crippled children. He went on to work with the Arlington Department of Health, Arlington Hospital Alexandria Hospital and DC General Hospital to develop programs for these children. In the 1940’s he founded what was soon to be known as National Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. Dr. Otto Engh was President of the Virginia Orthopaedic Society, District of Columbia Orthopaedic Society and Alexandria Medical Society.

After his retirement, the clinic continued to grow under the leadership of Dr. Otto Engh’s two sons,Dr. Charles Anderson Engh and Dr. Gerard “Jerry” Anderson Engh. While growing up, Charles and Jerry frequently followed their dad on hospital rounds over the weekend beginning patient care at an early age. Drs. Charles and Jerry specialized in different areas from the beginning both eventually championing specialties of their own – Dr. Charles, hip replacement and Dr. Jerry, knee replacement.