Anderson Clinic Shadowing, Internship and Mentoring (SIM) Program

2 Programs Available


Early exposure and long-lasting relationships are critical for anyone interested in the medical profession. Physician shadowing is an important opportunity and oftentimes an individual’s first time getting hands on exposure to what being a medical profession is like. Beyond experience, it is a great way to build strong relationships and form mentors that can grow a simple curiosity into a real passion. We are proud to offer a shadowing program and The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic. This traditional style program lasts 1-4 weeks but can be extended for any student who is driven and interested in orthopaedics.

Summer Internship

For those individuals who are driven and interested in a career in medicine or more specifically orthopaedics we offer a 2 month long immersive summer research and shadowing internship program encompassing all aspects of academic orthopaedic surgery. Students would be expected to join on as a member of our orthopaedic team. Additionally, students would be expected to complete at least one research project with the intent of national publication or presentation. This program is designed to provide the first hand experience and research opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Shadowing, Internship and Mentoring (SIM) Program.