Please join us in CONGRATULATING Dr. Jerry Engh on receiving The Knee Society’s 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award!

Dr. Andy Engh said during a presentation about his uncle, “In 1974, Dr. Jerry began his career in Sports Medicine. That was a time when there were no athletic trainers on the fields. Dr. Jerry was instrumental in organizing athletic trainer coverage in high school athletics and physician coverage of games.

Dr. Jerry was an early adopter of arthroscopy. The hospital he was working with refused to buy an arthroscopy machine, so he went out and bought it on his own.
Several years later, as total knees began to take off in the United States, Dr. Jerry shifted his practice to total knee replacement.

Career Highlights:

  • Bone loss classification system for revision knee replacement
  • Understanding the role of backside wear on a tibial baseplate creating osteolysis around a total knee
  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
  • Founding of Operation Walk Virginia

In his retirement, Dr. Jerry is enjoying his farm and, most of all, his family!

dr jerry award.