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Welcome Marcella Elpers, PA-c

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The Anderson Clinic and Dr. Sameer Nagda are excited to welcome Marci Elpers, physician assistant, who will be joining the clinic this week. Marci, a Tennessee native, is a board-certified physician assistant who will be working with Dr. Nagda. She graduated Magna Cum Lauda from Clemson University with a B.S in Bioengineering. While at Clemson, she was a member of the Division I women’s soccer team and team captain during her senior season. Marci was also an active member of the Society for Women Engineer’s and Tau Beta Phi, an engineering honor society during her time at Clemson. Having coursework related to biomechanics and biomaterials, she developed a particular interest in orthopedics, specifically the performance of total joint replacements that she was able to pursue with her undergraduate research.

She continued this interest in orthopedics as a research engineer in the Biomechanics Department at the Hospital for Special Surgery prior to PA school. Marci attended Yale University and earned a Masters of Medical Science as a Physician Assistant. She is a current member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery (PAOS). Outside of work, Marci enjoys baking, finding new coffee shops, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities.


Winners of the Otto Aufranc Award 2016 & 2017

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For the second year in a row, surgeons of the Anderson Clinic have had the honor of being presented with The Hip Society’s Otto Aufranc Award.  In 2016, Dr. Nitin Goyal along with Dr. Bill Hamilton, Sarah Padgett PA and Dr. Robert Hopper with our research institute received the award for their presentation of “A Multi-Center, Prospective, Randomized Study of Outpatient Versus Inpatient Total Hip Arthroplasty.”  In 2017, Dr. Andy Engh along with members of our fantastic research staff – Henry Ho, Supatra Sritulanondha, Ann Williams and Dr. Robert Hopper – received the award for their presentation of “A Prospective, Randomized Study of Crosslinked and Non-Crosslinked Polyethylene for Total Hip Arthroplasty at 15-Year Followup.”  These awards join four other Hip Society awards on our walls.  Previous awards are:

2013 Hip Society Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Charles Engh in recognition of his dedication and contributions to further the health and treatment of the hip

2008 John Charnley Award to Dr. Andy Engh along with Dr. Charles Engh on their presentation of “A Comparison of Three Total Hip Arthroplasty Bearing Surfaces: A Randomized Trial

1996 Otto Aufranc Award to Dr. Charles Engh on his presentation of “Femoral Bone Remodeling After Total Hip Arthroplasty: The Skeletal Response to Well-Fixed Cemented and Cementless Components as well

1992 John Charnley Award to Dr. Charles Engh on his presentation of “Quantitation of Implant Micromotion, Strain Sheilding and Bone Resorption with Porous Coated AML Cementless Femoral Prostheses Retrieved at Autopsy



Dr. Branche returns from NFL Player Care Foundation Board Meeting

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Dr. George Branche has been on the board of the NFL’s Player Care Foundation for three years.  He recently returned from their quarterly meeting which was held in Los Angeles.  This is a great organization which was created in 2007 and is “dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life.”  The foundation is administered by an eight member board of directors who all have different specialties.  Four of the directors are appointed by The National Football League, NFL Players Association, Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL Alumni Association.  In addition, four outside directors share their expertise in foundation management, mental health, social welfare issues, and healthcare.  Dr. Branche is the healthcare director.

Through a partnership with Tulane University, the foundation provides a comprehensive screening program for retired players which includes blood work, EKG, history and physical, as well as any needed specialty imaging such as ultrasound and CT scan.  Based on the results of these tests the foundation facilitates the players getting into the right hands for any necessary treatment.  Since its inception, the foundation has screened nearly 5,000 players.

“I enjoy working on such a rewarding cause with a great group of people.” — Dr. Branche, March 2017


#1 in Virginia for Medical Excellence in Major Orthopedic Surgery

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The excellence of the Anderson Clinic physicians has helped drive Inova Mount Vernon Hospital to its #1 overall ranking  in the Commonwealth of Virginia for Major Orthopaedic Surgery and its ranking of 21st in the nation within the same area of specialty. Your Anderson Clinic surgeons care for more than 95% of the patients in this clinical category.

The top spot ranking was based on 70 hospitals statewide.  Nationwide, Inova Mount Vernon also was awarded the 52nd spot out of almost 5,000 hospitals.  When it comes to Joint Replacement, Inova Mount Vernon was ranked 19th Nationwide out of 297 hospitals.  The total survey included 40 million patient discharges.  The rating is based on Quantros’ CareChex© 2017 Hospital Quality Ratings Analysis.  Hospitals are selected and ranked without payment or application.


Your decision to see an Anderson Clinic Physician for major or minor orthopaedic surgery is the best choice you can make for you and your family.


Consider these factors before getting a hip or knee replacement

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The Washington Post printed an article in yesterday’s paper entitled, “Before getting a joint replacement, consider these factors”.  The article was originally published in Consumer Reports on February 3rd.  The article addresses some very real concerns.  For instance, how many joint replacements does your surgeon do per year?  The article suggests finding a surgeon who performs greater than fifty.

The hip and knee replacement surgeons of the Anderson Clinic performed greater than 2, 600 surgeries in 2016 which is greater than any other practice between North Carolina and Philadelphia.  What are your chances of a post-surgical infection?  Our infection rate is very low at about 0.5%.  Most importantly, our patient satisfaction rate is very high at 95%.

Rest assured that you will be in great hands at the Anderson Clinic.  Our six hip and knee replacement surgeons have a combined total of 112 years of experience in dealing with the most complex situations in this very specialized field.


Congratulations to Dr. Bill Hamilton!

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Dr. Bill Hamilton was elected to The Knee Society as an Active Member at their recent meeting.  The mission of The Knee Society is to promote outstanding care to patients with knee disorders through innovative research and education.  With this new honor, he joins two hundred other knee specialists in the country including Drs. Jerry and Andy Engh.

Congratulations, Dr. Hamilton!  We are so very proud!


Dr. Nagda is off to the Rio Olympic Games

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Dr. Sameer Nagda has been selected by The Unites States Soccer Federation and the United States Olympic Committee as a team physician for the United States Olympic Women’s soccer team for the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

“It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the medical team taking care of the US Women’s soccer team,” says Dr. Nagda.  “Our medical team takes great pride in providing world-class clinical care for the women who will be representing the United States in Rio next month, to defend the gold medal won in London in 2012.”

Dr. Nagda discussed this opportunity of a lifetime with the Washington Business Journal.

Go Team USA!



Dr. Jerry Engh visits

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The clinic was full of smiles and the hallways were full of laughter this morning.  After all, Dr. Jerry came for a visit and gave out a good dose of hugs.  He stopped by to give a lecture on the history of the Anderson Clinic and orthopedics to our current joint replacement fellows.  He also shared some words of advice to each fellow as they leave our clinic and begin their new journey in practice in August of this year.  He said, “It is just as important to get to know your patients as people as it is to learn about their orthopedic problem; don’t complain; and lastly, keep family first.”

Dr. Jerry with our 2015-2016 Joint Replacement Fellows (from left to right):  Drs. John Cody, Matt Johansen, Jerry Engh, Kiel Pfefferle, and Willard Moore.

GAE and fellows


Drs. Fricka, Goyal and Hamilton to participate in Operation Walk USA 2015

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While many of us take for granted our daily mobility, millions of Americans are living with excruciating hip and knee pain that cripples them, their lifestyles and their ability to work or provide for themselves or their families. There are physical and psychological tolls. Most of all, they just want their lives back.

The solution is often hip and knee replacement surgery. But what happens to those individuals who desperately need new joints to minimize pain and regain mobility and can’t have access to them due to lack of insurance coverage, financial or other constraints?

Through Operation Walk USA an estimated 80 patients will receive replacements from 55 volunteer orthopaedic surgeons at 40 hospitals around the country, November 30 through December 5, 2015.

Operation Walk USA takes place annually early December to allow for greater hospital, surgeon and medical staff participation. The program provides all aspects of treatment ─ surgery, hospitalization, and pre-and post-operative care ─ at no cost to participating patients who may not qualify for government health coverage, have insurance or afford surgery on their own.

Arthritic disease is the most common cause of disability in the U.S., affecting approximately 46 million Americans, or more than 21 percent of the adult population. The debilitating end stages of hip or knee degenerative disease often makes working, or completing even the simplest of daily tasks, exceedingly difficult and challenging.

Operation Walk USA is entering its sixth season and remains appreciative of the many medical volunteers, donors and supporters, our patients and their families, who help champion this effort.
Operation Walk USA began in 2010 following the tremendous success of Operation Walk, an international volunteer medical service organization that provides treatment for patients with arthritis and joint conditions in developing countries. To date, nearly 600 patients through Operation Walk USA, held in the month of December, 2010 through 2014. Since 2010, Operation Walk USA knee and hip replacement surgeries and related care are valued at more than $15.5 million.

Device manufacturers DePuy Synthes, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Total Joint Orthopedics, and Zimmer Biomet are donating the hip and knee implants for the 2015 Operation Walk USA; SunMedica, Inc., is donating orthoRAP and koolRAP products; and Ortech Data, Inc., is donating technology for electronic medical record (EMR) management. Ortech will transfer Operation Walk USA 2015 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant data to the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), a national center for data collection and research on total hip and knee replacements.

Operation Walk USA 2015 facts:

• Operation Walk USA 2015 will be held at hospitals throughout the country, November 30 through December 5.
• An estimated 55 orthopaedic surgeons will provide hip and joint replacements, free of charge, to 80 patients.
• Operation Walk USA 2015 is based on the successful experiences of Operation Walk, which has provided hip and knee replacements to thousands of patients throughout the world since 1996.
• This is the sixth year for Operation Walk USA, which has provided free total joint replacement to nearly 600 patients to date.


Mrs. D (with Greta in red) checking into Inova Mount Vernon Hospital the morning of her schedule bilateral hip replacement surgery.


Mr. E with his wife, grandson and Dr. Hamilton in the rehab gym on the 4th floor of the hospital on postop day one following left total hip replacement.


Dr. Azer Returns from Medical Mission to Rwanda

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Dr. Nigel Azer recently returned from his third medical mission trip to Rwanda.  Along with physicians in other specialties, he made a great impact on the Eastern Rwandan refugee camp of Kagyeo treating approximately two-hundred patients with general orthopaedic care, medical care and minor surgical procedures.  While in Rwanda, the team led two conferences training local physicians and one conference for training and equipping the community nurses.  Community nurses provide the majority of medical care in the villages of Rwanda.

Dr. Azer also spent some of his time with the physicians at two hospitals – the Rwanda Military Hospital and C.H.U.K. also know as the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali.


Dr. Azer arriving for the Orthopedic Workshop.


Azer 1


Rwandans waiting for treatment.


Azer 4


Local Rwandan children caring for their younger siblings.


Azer 3


Dr. Azer discussing patient care.


Azer 2


A young man with Blount’s disease.


Azer 5