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When it comes to specialized care in orthopaedics, the board certified physicians, physician assistants, and staff of The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic set the standard of patient care for the Northern Virginia area. The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic was founded in 1941 by the late Otto Anderson Engh, M.D. as the only Orthopaedic center in the area for the care and treatment of children crippled by polio. Our clinic has since expanded to a full range of care in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions by physicians who are highly-respected in their fields of expertise.

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Anderson Clinic treats all types of orthopedic conditions using the latest in medical technology

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What's New at Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic

man holding back in pain.

What Are Signs of a Slipped Disk?

What Are Signs of a Slipped Disk? What are the signs of a slipped disk? They are exactly the same as a herniated disk, bulging disk, or a ruptured disk, since they are all generally the same. The terms are interchangeable. It mostly occurs in the lumbar region or lower part of your back and

man with back pain.

What Does It Mean to “Throw Your Back Out”?

What Does It Mean to “Throw Your Back Out”? It can happen in the most innocuous ways like bending down to tie your shoes. You are suddenly in extreme pain, you can barely stand up straight, and getting into a car is a non-starter. You probably have your own story about throwing your back out,

man with a shoulder injury.

What Happens If You Wait Too Long for Shoulder Replacement?

What Happens If You Wait Too Long for Shoulder Replacement? Like anything else that someone procrastinates about or makes excuses not to do, real consequences can occur. An infected tooth can turn into a severe problem if not treated promptly, or neglecting your tax returns will come back to haunt you with untold monetary penalties.

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