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The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic has highly trained surgeons who are experts in conditions involving the shoulder, elbow and hand. The shoulder joint allows us to bend, flex, reach, and rotate our arms. However, as the shoulder is the most complex and unstable joint in the body, it can get injured easily. Repetitive overhead movements that are common to some sports and jobs frequently overstress the shoulder joints resulting in injury. When problems related to tendon tears, instability, fractures, arthritis and other conditions impede movement, both surgical and non-surgical treatments are considered to ease pain and help restore movement.

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The range of services for shoulder and elbow includes: total shoulder and reverse total shoulder replacement, arthroscopic rotator cuff and instability repairs, ulnar nerve transposition, distal biceps tendon repair, elbow fracture, bursitis excision, loose body removal, and physical therapy.

Your hands and wrists are essential tools that allow you to work, play and perform everyday activities. How well the hand and wrist interact depends on the integrity and function of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints and bones. Problems in any of these can affect upper extremity function, causing disruptions at home and work and negatively impacting quality of life.

The care of the hand and wrist require delicate care. Experience and specially trained orthopaedic specialists are critical. Knowing which treatments to recommend, and when they will be most effective is what sets a truly experienced hand and wrist specialist apart. Hand surgery requires a completely different surgical approach whether treating fractures, arthritis or deformities. Hand surgery traditionally includes treatment of the entire hand, wrist and forearm. Again, this whole region works as a single unit, and the dysfunction of a single part needs consideration of the whole.

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