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woman and care team looking at hip x-ray after surgery.

Hip Replacement Recovery: What to Expect

If you or a loved one is considering hip replacement surgery or you are scheduled for one, let us provide some tips and a guide for recovery. Hip replacement recovery: what to expect. Hip Replacement Surgeries Are Becoming Commonplace According to The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons more than 450,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed

Man using stationary bike before joint replacement surgery.

Dos And Don’ts Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Ben Franklin once shared the wise words, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This motivational quote refers to any number of things, and believe it or not, joint replacement surgery too. Let’s see how being well prepared and the dos and don’ts before joint replacement surgery apply as well.

Woman with hip pain getting out of bed.

7 Signs It May Be Time For A Hip Replacement

We all have aches and pains, and while some are intermittent, others are chronic. Hip pain is one of those which can affect all your movements and life activities. Most doctors recommend that you rely on other more conservative treatments before deciding on hip surgery, but sometimes surgery is needed. Here are 7 signs it

senior man suffering from knee ache at home

The Risks Of Delaying Knee Replacement Surgery

Timing is everything, even when it comes to having knee replacement surgery. Latest statistics tell us 90% of Americans are waiting too long to have their knee replaced, whereas 25% are having the surgery too early and missing out on the best benefits. Yes, timing is everything! Let’s discover when to proceed, and what exactly