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(703) 619-4400

Undergraduate School
Marquette University
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering

Graduate School
George Washington University
Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies

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Sarah E. Padgett, PA-C

To schedule an appointment with Sarah, please call (703) 619-4400.

Sarah Padgett, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a board-certified Physican Assistant. During her senior year of high school, while playing volleyball, she tore her ACL and that is where her interest in medicine and orthopaedics began.

She went on to play Division I volleyball at Marquette University in Milwaukee where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She spent the next year working for a non-profit engineering company based out of Duke University. She traveled to developing countries and installed medical equipment that was donated from hospitals in the US.

Following her time at Duke, Sarah took a position at Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute working closely with Dr. Charles Engh, completing research related to total hip replacements. After almost 4 years working with Dr. Engh, Sarah realized she desired more patient interaction and decided to pursue a career as a physician assistant.

She attended George Washington University in DC and graduated with a Masters of Science in Health Sciences and was a member of Alpha Eta Honor Society. Prior to joining Anderson Clinic she worked in an out-patient internal medicine practice in Southern Maryland. She currently assists Dr. Nitin Goyal with total joint replacement both in the clinic and in the operating room.

She spends her free time with her husband and two German Shepherds. She enjoys running and DIY projects around her new home.


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