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Gerard A. Engh, M.D. – Retired 2013

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Gerard A. Engh, MDDr. Jerry Engh devoted his career to improving the quality of his patient’s lives through joint arthroplasty. After graduating from Davidson College, he attended medical school at the University of Virginia. Following an internship and residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dr. Engh spent two years as a major in the Army Medical Corps. He then joined his brother working at The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic, which had been founded by his father, Otto Anderson Engh.

At the Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic, Dr. Engh has helped pioneer research and development of implants for knee replacement. Along with the other physicians at The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic, he compiled an important database for tracking the outcomes of knee replacement surgery. Using this information and his surgical experience with knee replacement surgeries, Dr. Engh developed the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI) Bone Defect Classification System that many clinicians currently use to describe the extent of bone damage in a knee that requires a revision surgery. Through his clinical experience, research and dedication to improving knee arthroplasty implants and procedures, Dr. Engh was instrumental in bringing issues of polyethylene sterilization and wear to the attention of other orthopaedic surgeons as well as to the manufacturers of the implants.

Dr. Engh is a past President of the Knee Society and the Medical Director and Director of Knee Research at the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute. In 2001, he co-founded Alexandria Research Technologies with the goal of pursuing a new implant design ideas for knee replacement surgery. This led to the concept of Tissue Guided Surgery – a surgical procedure that optimizes the placement of the knee implants based on the patient’s own knee motion and an implant designed specifically for this type of surgery. Dr. Engh maintains a keen interest in implant technology and innovative new options for joint replacement surgery and provides consultancy to designers and manufacturers of implants for knee arthroplasty.

Dr. Jerry is also passionate about farming and his cattle ranch. He has always loved the outdoors and “relaxes” in the fields on his tractor. When work on the farm is finished, he challenges his family to a round of golf.


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