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Dr. Branche Serves on the Medical Team for the Citi Open 2019 Tennis Tournament

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Congratulations to Dr. George Branche, who served his 28th year on the medical team for the USA 2019 Citi Open Tennis Tournament. Unique among tennis tournaments, the Citi Open is owned by the nonprofit Washington Tennis & Education Foundation and allocates a portion of its proceeds to funding its mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in the city’s underserved communities through free tennis and educational programs for children. This year’s tournament made history, as 15 year old Coco Grauff and 17 year old Caty McNally secured the Women’s Double Championship. Nick Krygios had a spectacular performance as he took home the Citi Open title.

Dr. Branche always had a love for tennis, whose own serve clocked in at 115 mph. His passion for tennis paired with his clinical expertise makes him the ideal candidate to treat world class athletes.




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