Anderson Orthopaedic Doctors

For more than fifty years, the physicians of The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic have practiced pioneering techniques of diagnosis and treatment in orthopaedics. Today, they provide leadership in joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, foot and ankle care and spine care.


John L. Albrigo, MD
Nigel M. Azer, MD
George C. Branche, III, MD
C. Anderson Engh Jr., MD
Kevin B. Fricka, MD
Nitin Goyal, MD
William G. Hamilton, MD
Ryan T. Hubbard, M.D.
Jeffrey L. Lovallo, MD
Craig J. McAsey, MD
Sameer Nagda, MD
Michael V. Narvaez, MD
Stephen C. Saddler, MD
Oliver N. Schipper, MD
Robert A. Sershon, MD
Corey J. Wallach, MD

Physician Assistants

Casey Baumgardner, PA-C
Martelle S. Blaine, PA-C
Kristin Carlini, PA-C
Dineen Connolly, PA-C
Jeanine Gargiulo, PA-C
Kristen Hodson, PA-C
Kari Kober, PA-C
Sarah E. Padgett, PA-C
Marci Roach, PA-C
Karess Rowe, PA-C
David P. Villegas, PA-C